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TSVip program

Want to save money on every tanning session? Then our new TSVIP program is for you. It's a fully customizable membership program that rewards you for your loyalty - the more you spray tan, the more you save!

With a $20 monthly fee, you only ever pay $25 per standard signature spray tan or $30 per signature rapid spray tan. Simple as that!

  • Your savings are HUGE with this deal...
    # Tans / Month Standard Session Savings Rapid Session Savings
    2 Tans/Month $20 Saved / Session $25 Saved / Session
    3 Tans/Month $23 Saved / Session $28 Saved / Session
    4 Tans/Month $25 Saved / Session $30 Saved / Session

Commitment problems? Not an issue here.

We are continually looking for ways to say thank you for your loyalty, and we think this just might be our best one yet. We're only offering 30 of these, so push past the red ropes with a single $45 sign up fee and gain your VIP status today!

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Single Session Spray Tans

Service Description Price
Signature Tan Our standard full-body session. Rinse solution in 8+ hours. 18-24 hours for color to fully develop. $55
Signature Rapid Rinse Standard full-body session. Rinse solution in 3-6 hours as directed by your spray tan specialist. *Note* $65
Signature Vacation Session Standard full-body session. Includes travel size moisturizer, tan extender and body wash to help your tan last through your trip. $75
Signature Half Body Waist up or waist down. $30
Signature Face & Decollete Face, Chest and Shoulders only. May choose 8 hour formula or Rapid Rinse. $12

Multi-Session Spray Tan Packages

  Package Pricing
5 Tans $225 ($45/session) $50 Savings
3 Tans $150 ($50/session) $15 Savings

All Signature Tans include the following

TanSpire Exclusive Vegan Tanning Formula
Alcohol Free/Paraben Free/Cruelty Free Formula
Custom Color Mixed per Client
Pre-tan skin hydrating and nourishing prep spray prior to color application (typically a $5-10 up-charge at other salons)
Each Client is detailed with light contouring
Post Tan sealer is applied to ensure optimal tan development and NO CRAZY SMELL! (typically a $5 - $10 up-charge at other salons)
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